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Next Level Group

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Next Level Group


Next Level Group, which includes Next Level Innovative Glass & metals LLC (NLG), Pioneer Metal Industries LLC (PMI) and Next Level consultancy LLC (NLC), is an innovator in Buildings Envelope and glazing solutions. We value curtain walls and glass technology & development as a futuristic, cost-effective, clean solution for small and large scale building projects. Our in-depth industry knowledge coupled with our passion to meet the unique demands of our clients drives us to provide reliable, attractive products that change the way builders, architects, planners, and specifiers design and construct. Strategic, collaborative planning with one of our Engineers guarantees that your project will be at the leading edge of value-added construction. Our custom-tailored designs provide greater beauty and improved use of renewable energy to clients worldwide. In Next Level Group, we’ve combined the experiences and services of three companies to provide a turn key solution to our clients starting by proposing the right glass product by NLC to designing, engineering, fabricating and installing the solutions by NLG and PMI teams. * pinterest.com - nextlevelgroupuae
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