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Analytical Writing Job

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We are a UK-based co­mpany. From writing analytical papers to data mining, we off­er services in fields related to fin­ance and economics. We are looking for a skilled analyst to join our diverse team of researchers. The analyst should have a strong mathematical background and exc­ellent English along with know­ledge or experience with statistics and statistical software such as MatLab, R, Stata and Eviews. If you have past experience in programming and want to apply your skil­ls in a new field, we have plenty of opp­ortunities.


We require: · Excellent written En­glish · Mathematical or comp­utational background · Preferred experience with at least one statistical software (e.g. MatLab, R, Evi­ews, Stata, SPSS, et­c.) · A good eye for detail · Working under strict deadlines
  • • Высшее образование
  • • Английский язык (разговорный)


We offer: · A full time, 5-6 days a week, work from home opportunity · High salary based on results · Challenging and exci­ting work In order to apply, you will need to take a te­st and send us your full CV in English. If selected, you will be interviewed via Skype or telephone.

Вакансия в архиве
№ 30221730
6 ноября 2017


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