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Growth Manager

Expercast Киев
от 8 500 грн., без опыта работы
Должностные обязанности:
You will start your career with us by enjoying an intensive bootcamp under the guidance of our two founders. Our bootcamp includes theoretical and practical components related to online marketing, hiring, remote work, startups and product management. It will get you fully prepared and enable you to hit the ground running.
After the bootcamp, you will work directly with the founders on key issues. In doing so, you will have a unique chance to learn how to build a new business from scratch. The focus will be on online marketing, where you’ll help create our growth strategy, brainstorm traction channels, prioritize them, conduct experiments and then double-down on the most promising ones.
• High intelligence
• Strong initiative and ambition
• English (at least intermediate)
• No experience required — will learn everything on the job
• Ideally a student — e.g., currently at KNU, Kiev-Mohyla Academy or Hogwarts
Английский язык разговорный
At funded startup from Western Europe

We offer you complete flexibility, and you can
• work full-time or part-time
• freely choose when to work, there are no fixed days or times of the day
• work at your computer from home or anywhere else

You will enjoy
• broad freedom of action in a small and dynamic team
• coaching directly from the company founders
• very rapid professional development
Неполный рабочий день
удалённая работа
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