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Manager of Growth and Product Excellence at funded startup from Western Europe

Expercast Киев
от 8 500 грн., опыт работы не требуется
Должностные обязанности:
You will work directly with the two founders on key issues: from product management to hiring, from business analytics to marketing. In doing so, you will have a unique chance to learn how to build a new business from scratch.
• High intelligence
• Strong initiative and ambition
• English (at least intermediate)
• No experience required — will learn everything on the job
• Ideally a student — e.g., currently at KNU, KNEU, KSE, Kiev-Mohyla Academy
Английский язык разговорный
We offer you complete flexibility, and you can
• work full-time or part-time
• freely choose when to work, there are no fixed days or times of the day
• work at your computer from home or anywhere else (can be anywhere in Ukraine)

You will enjoy
• broad freedom of action in a small and dynamic team
• coaching directly from the company founders
• very rapid professional development
Неполный рабочий день
на дому
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